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Merck Serono (Beijing) Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd.

Merck Serono (Beijing) Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd.
Merck Serono (Beijing) Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd. or the R&D Beijing Hub was established in November 2009. For the facility, Merck Serono plans to invest more than 1.5 billion RMB by end of 2013. As one of Merck Serono's four global R&D hubs, the R&D Beijing Hub will not only increase the level of China's Research and Development, but will also work closely with global R&D institutes, increase global product development efforts, and expand global R&D expertise and capability. This strategy has also become the company's key driver for further innovation, driving Merck Serono to achieve its ultimate mission of Living Science, Transforming Lives.
The R&D Beijing Hub is an integrated R&D facility, aimed at stimulating innovation, introducing new products to Asia paralleling market timelines in the West, and leading research and development into new treatment solutions for critical diseases in Asia. The R&D Beijing Hub is dedicated to implementing the strategy of stratified medicine R&D and establishing laboratories and carrying out research on drug genomics and bio-markers as well as other areas. It completes all stages of medical R&D process, from laboratory research and clinical research to the approval stage for the market. It plays a significant role in Merck's global R&D.
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Managing DirectorMr. Allan Gabor
Major products – Merck Serono

Merck Serono currently markets 14 products in 8 therapeutic areas in China. Our main therapeutic areas include fertility, oncology, cardiovascular, surgery and emergency, thyroid disease, diabetes, other endocrine diseases, allergy.

Product brands include Gonal-f® to treat infertility, the fertility products Ovidrel®, Luveris®, Cetrotide®, and Crinone®; oncology product Erbitux®, Concor® for high blood pressure, Sigmart® for angina pectoris, Stilamin® for acute gastrointestinal diseases, Euthyrox® for hypothyroidism and Thyrozol® forhyperthyroidism , Glucophage® for diabetes, NHD for allergies, Kuvan® for tetraphydrobiopterin (BH4) deficiency. 


Merck Serono (Beijing) Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd.

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